Due to its 40 years of experience in mechanical design, our technical department has been collaborating for many years with other companies for regional, national and european research projects in fields such as process automation, robotics, electromedical technologies, nanotechnologies, eHealth.


In 2008, together with two other small and medium-sized firms, the company was one of the founding partners of "INNOVANET" , a network of innovators affiliated to the Bologna branch of the Italian National Confederation of Artisans - CNA. Through the years Innovanet expands its structure and currently has ca. 120 members and 9 clusters. The 9 clusters are as follows:


  1. Waste recycling and reuse of secondary primary materials
  2. eHealth (Lamipress is a member of the business cluster)
  3. Energy efficiency
  4. Electrospinning to produce micro- and nano-scale fibres and composite materials (Lamipress is a partner of the business cluster together with the University of Bologna and other SME)
  5. Process automation and robotics (Lamipress is one of the driving forces behind the business cluster together with the University of Bologna)
  6. Medical Device (Lamipress is one of the driving forces behind the business cluster together with the University of Bologna)
  7. Water treatment
  8. Augmented reality
  9. Additive Manufacturing (3D printer)


As part of the business clusters listed above, Lamipress has collaborated or partly still collaborates with the University of Bologna, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia and Rizzoli orthopedic institute.


Projects and regional subsidies

  • Partner of the ELFI network, project: "New technologies for continuous production of nanofiber membranes through electrospinning"
    • This project contributed to the creation of the high tech start up (Spinbow,
  • ROBOMA network head partner, project: "High efficiency robotized systems"- Electronics and precision mechanics district – 12 months
  • MA.VI.BO. network partner, project "3D Machine Vision"
  • Emilia-Romagna regional call: "From production districts to technologal districts 2"
  • Robotics project "Flexible system for contactless dimensional control
  • ATI-Partner – 24 months
  • Emilia-Romagna region: P.O.R. F.E.S.R. 2007-13 PRRIITT Misura 3.1 Azione A
  • Partner of the network "One4Fast". The project concerned "ONE-sensor system for Functional Assessment Screening Tool in physiotherapy"
  • Innovation Project: R&D ensuring competitive advantages against competition and able to exceed and anticipate Customers’ expectation offering high value products and services
  • Lead Company of the former Network MIB4.0 Mechatronics in Bologna (now MIB srl), project "Biomechanical Simulator» created after the Call for Business Network"


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